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Metal Sealed Roller Bearing Tricone Bit

The Range of FGJ/GJT series bit is 12 1/4-17 1/2 inch and its IADC code from114 to 545.

FGJ/GJT bit adopts metal seal with roller bearing,which can drill stably with middle to low WOB and middle to high RPM,it’s the ideal choice part of well section. 
Main Features:
The rolling body is arranged on the cone body of the cylindrical groove, increase the shaft neck and rolling body size.
the limit pressure and prevent drilling fluid into the lubrication system of the rubber oil storage bursa, provide good lubrication for the bearing system.
The palm and dorsal tip welding hard material strengthened gauge, large size drill with center jet.
in the row between the teeth and the back cone tooth insert a row of protection cone and the borehole wall is repaired tooth row, forming a unique series of bit GJT.

Size Bit Type
inch mm
8 1/2 215.9 GJ115C.GJT115C.GJT125C.GJ135G.GJT415G.GJT435G.GJT445G
9 1/2 241.3 GJ115C.GJT115C.GJT125C.GJ135G.GJT415G.GJT435G.GJT445G
12 1/4 311.2 GJ115C.GJT115C.GJT125C.GJ135G.GJT415G.GJT435G.GJT445G
16 406.4 GJ115C.GJT115C.GJT125C.GJ135G.GJT415G.GJT435G.GJT445G
17 1/2 444.5 GJ115C.GJT115C.GJT125C.GJ135G.GJT415G.GJT435G.GJT445G

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