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Air Cooling Roller Bearing Bit

FK Series Tricone Bit Diameter from 7 7/8-12 1/4 inch,IADC Code from 412 to 732.

Cutting Structure
Reinforcing the comprehensive mechanical properties of cutting tooth by using high quality tungsten carbide inserts of new formula and new techniques of insert bit.
Gauge Structure
The leg and shirttail is hardfacing and tungsten carbide insert, the enhanced heel and hardfacing can better protect the gauge.
Bearing Structure
Air cooling roller bearing package, the ball can tightly locked the cone, optimized space between shirttail and cone R-slot lowers the accident of cone-dropping to minimum.
Product Predominance
It is applied for mining operation.

Available Sizes, Types and Recommended Operating Parameters of Bits

Bit Size Bit type
inch mm
8 1/2 215.9 FK522G,FK532G,FK542G,FK622G,FK632G.FK732G
9 228.6 FK522G,FK532G,F542G,FK622G,FK632G.FK732G
9 7/8 250.8 FK522G,FK532G,F542G,FK622G,FK632G.FK732G
12 1/4 311.2 FK522G,FK532G,F542G,FK622G,FK632G.FK732G

IADC Recommendation Applicable Formation
512 0.35~0.7 120~60 Soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability, such as mudstone, gypsum, salt, soft shale, soft limestone, etc.
542 0.4~0.8 100~60 Soft to medium formations with low compressive strength, such as medium soft shale, medium soft limestone, medium soft sandstone, medium formation with harder and abrasiver interbed, etc.
612 0.5~0.9 100~60 Medium hard formations with high compressive strength, such as hard shale, limestone, sandstone, dolomite, etc.
732 0.6~1.1 90~50 Medium to high abrasive hard formations, such as hard shale, hard limestone, sandstone, whinstone, flintstone, granite, quarts sandstone, hard dolomite, hard limestone, pyrite, etc.

Note: the maximum value of WOB and RPM in this table can not be adopted at the same time.

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