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FS series
Comprehensive and fast drilling steel PDC bit

FS series features

According to different formation rock characteristics, optimize the crown profile, optimize the different functions of the composite sheet, to meet the needs of soft to medium hard formation of different drilling.
The cutting structure uses the force balance design, the asymmetrical knife wing, causes the drill bit to work smoothly, has the longer service life.
High quality steel is used to make the bit base material, and the surface of the cutter blade can be welded with high efficiency and wear resistant material to prevent the erosion of the base material.
Dynamic flow field simulation technology is used to optimize the hydraulic design of drill bit, and to enhance the cleaning of drill bit, and the cooling effect is to prevent the drilling bit.
High performance five axis milling center and high speed milling technology are used to ensure the machining accuracy of the bit.

Drill parameter  
bit type 8-1/2“ GS1305ST
IADC Code S433
Blade number 5
Main cutting gear size Φ13 mm
Nozzle quantity 5NZ
Diameter length 55 mm
Connection button type 4-1/2" API REG
Top button torque 24.1~26.5 KN·m
Recommended parameters  
speed 60~260 rpm
Drilling pressure 20~100 KN
Maximum drilling pressure 130 KN
displacement 22~35 lps
Bit feature Spiral type double row teeth knife five wing design, rational allocation of different positions for the high quality of the small size of the PDC composite sheet, to maximize the local cutting tooth equivalent density, effectively improve the drill attack and abrasion resistance. The high quality arc PDC composite sheet is used to protect the diameter and reduce the wear of the rock to protect the diameter, which greatly increases the wear resistance and the stability of the bit diameter. High performance wear resistant materials for the surface of the knife wing, and the wear resistance and erosion resistance of the drill bit are enhanced.
application Applicable to medium hard formations with high compressive strength, containing abrasive, such as limestone, gypsum, dolomite and sandstone.

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