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Cone bit daily use a little common sense


Small sense of roller bit for daily use
With the economic development and people's living standards improve, more and more people in winter using cone bit, which is because of cone bits is convenient and flexible to use, applicable to a wide range of characteristics, however, for some tips or people do not know, the following to our cone bit, to give you little common sense to use said said.
First, do not directly on the floor
Because our company cone bit in the use of the process will release a lot of heat, if direct contact with the floor, causing damage to the floor, will burn the floor so that may cause a fire, so in the use of the process to in between the floor with my company cone bit pad on some things, so as to prevent direct contact with my company of roller cone bit and the floor.
Second, don't in my company on bit drying clothes
Here is my company directly on the drying roller bit. It has great harm but also for clothing, the clothing scorched and clothing in the drying process will cause our cone bit and the local heat transfer, it is possible to explode, this is very dangerous thing, so this is to bring attention to.

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