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Drill production cycle


Drill production cycle
Bit production cycle is long, we are following through factory production practice to know one or two.
Roller bit manufacturing process mainly consists of two parts, the first is the key parts of the processing, the second step is the assembly process.
Oil storage in small dorsal metacarpal - small - first of all, we look at key parts processing technology. The first one is the tooth palm processing flow, forging, heat treatment and high temperature tempering) - conductor back combined with drilling pin hole milling shaft end face milling center hole plane drill center hole - rough turning axis rough turning thread cone drill extension mud hole, drill vehicle oiling hole - milling through oil hole plane drilling plug pin hole drilled through the oil hole charging plug pin, accurate car small shaft fine car raceway, remove plug pin milling shaft neck surface milling thrust surface oil groove drilling shaft neck hole - repair palmar tip - surfacing dorsal metacarpal tungsten carbide, heat treatment, carburizing quenching back fire) - boiled salt shot peening of charging plug pin - grinding shaft neck - shaft neck of polishing, remove the piston pin end examination.
Secondly we see in cone processing fetal forging heat treatment (high temperature tempering), car craft round - flat face, drilling - rough turning hole - flat face, fine car inner hole - coarse car shape, heat treatment (quenching and tempering) shot peening processing drilling hinge perforations - Insert - grinding inner hole, inner hole polishing - final examination.
The third is the assembly process cleaning, drying, filling, packaging, through welding oil orifice plug pin orifice center Kong Xiu downhand welding scar assembly, repair rubbing tooth welding, grinding teeth touch, final inspection, packaging, protection, - sampling inspection.
Through the above production mode of the roller bit.

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