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Three bit security form


Form three cone bit security
Three cone bit is mainly used in oil exploration and geological prospecting in the area, no the job it is not bottom go to, because the work is a certain degree of risk, so its security is worthy of our attention, the safety performance of the tool has a lot of expression, then we discuss one by one.
When it encountered fire and burning, the release of its water of crystallization can achieve good fireproof effect, depends on the thickness and the combination of different; second performance in the earthquake, due to its material belongs to the type of lightweight, plus it is mainly used in large buildings, so more seismic; in addition to the seismic, gypsum products ensures the it are well insulated, the heat insulation demand businesses enjoy this, and gypsum wall not only simple materials, construction is simple, performance is also very stable, there is no temperature changes caused by open fracture, deformation concerns

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