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The cone drill processing details


The cone drill processing details
1, the knife rod in the aperture of the limitations, the length of the large, resulting in less rigid, low hardness, cutting time prone to shock, taper, and the effect of the linear effect of the deep hole and the appearance of the rough results.
2, in the drilling and reaming, coolant before without the use of special equipment, is harder to lose to the cutting position, making the using effect of the cone bit reduce and chip removal is difficult.
3, in the production of the deep hole, you can not go straight to watch the situation, it can only rely on experience to listen to its sound, see chips, etc., to determine the cutting time is not normal.
4 cut chips to resolve the difficult, must be credible implementation of chip breaking and control chip length and shape, there is help to smooth the exclusion, prevent clogged with debris.

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