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The new coal seam drilling cone bit crack problem


The new coal seam drilling cone bit crack problem
When drilling a well. According to the design, the wells need to go through 61 degrees inclination degree under the premise, through nearly 45 meters thick coal seam. The depth of the well is too deep, fairly thick coal seams and face is easy to collapse and other series of problem is for drilling caused the biggest problem. This problem has been the most difficult problem in many areas of drilling speed.
According to the important problem of the drilling and after Drilling Technology Research Institute of innovative design, reform the model and apply new cone bit drilling in the coal seam. This type of drill for the mud flow channel of the further optimization and innovation design, can more effectively prevent coal seam drilling of sidewall erosion of the jet and a lot of destructive effects, will also greatly expanded the annular passage as a whole in the space, for greatly improving high drill bits through the ability to greatly help.
In the process of drilling, when the construction of the depth of 3176 meters to reach the depth of the coal seam, this time can be under the new drill. When drilling to the well depth of 4012 meters or so, after passing through the coal seam 38 meters to ensure safety. And ordinary ordinary three cone bit mutual comparison, short pull and tripping appear accidental phenomenon has been greatly improved, and reduced.

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