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The working principle of three cone bit


The working principle of the three roller bit:
Is in the drilling pressure and drilling column swirling effect under the teeth after crushing and also eat into the rock, and also the same time appeared certain sliding and shear rock. In its in rolling bottom and the upper teeth will in turn impact and pressure into the formation and the effect to the part of bottom hole rock crushing, the same time depend on its sliding makes with the shear effect decreased between the teeth of the remaining other rocks. The rocks at the bottom of the overall crash, borehole can be extended.
Breaking three cone bit of rock
Main ways: impact and crushing:
The impact force and the static pressure of the longitudinal oscillation are all caused by the impact of the teeth on the land and the effect of crushing, forming a volume crushing pit.
Auxiliary method: sliding and shearing:
The radial and tangential movement of the teeth makes the effect of shearing on the hole.
Erosion of jet:
The effect of jet impingement on the rock under the well is influenced by the nozzle jet.

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